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Post  Juno on Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:41 am

In a harsh city ruled by powerful Gangsters, the law must find new ways to combat this problem and save their city.


"No! please dont!" shouted an older man as Zakk held his gun to the head of the man's wife.
"You should have thought of that when you failed to pay your dues, this here is Piraka Territory, respect that" hissed Zakk

suddenly he felt a small twinge of pain and heard a gundshot. "Freeze, don't move an inch or I'll shoot again, and next time I'll make sure the shot kills you!" shouted Ple
Zakk shot the wife killing her and tossed the man out the window, and as Ple promised she shot him dead center in the back of the head. But to her dismay Zakk quickly healed his damage, turning around he hit her with a blast of laser from his eyes, knocking her against the wall and forcing her to drop her gun. Suddenly the wall transformed trapping Ple against the wall by formations wrapping around her arms and legs. "You Bastard! You wont get away with this!" screamed Ple
Zakk kicked through the wall knocking the part Ple was stuck to back into a truck. Zakk hopped in the front and the truck sped away.

Meanwhile elsewhere Frank and Seth heard the Radio go silent.
"Dammit, she needs our help" said Frank.
"This doesn't sound good" said Seth.

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