Characters of The Mastah nomed Nanashi.

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Characters of The Mastah nomed Nanashi.

Post  MastahNanashi on Tue May 18, 2010 2:54 pm

Free is a 'super' character. A mutant to be precise.


Rion James Steiner


Height 6'2"
Weight 210 lbs

In his 'normal' form, Free is a tall white male with short, dark brown hair and greyish green eyes. His features are somewhat feminine, blending quite well with his tall, thin frame that would not be out of place on a gymnist's mat. He has numerous small scars, but nothing too impressive. This, however, is merely his basic form. Usually he is covered in a matte black hide that covers every inch of skin, coming up to a knot at the spot where his skull meets his spine, and spidering out a bit, but otherwise leaving the head uncovered. Other than on his head, he has no body hair. The hide is not very thick, maybe a couple of inches at it's thickest spots on the forearms and shins, and he looks completely normal, except his skin is a matte black. He cannot feel anything through this hide. The hide can be peeled and torn off, though it is quite difficult and painful, and it regrows within about an hour as if nothing had happened, slowely spreading over the skin from the knot on the back of his neck.

He despises the idea of wearing spandex, so regardless of the situation, he is usually found wearing blue jeans, a pair of worn white sneakers, and a long sleeved turtle neck sweater.

Free's an easy going guy. He tends to blend into the background, wearing really simple clothing to hide his appearance. He tends to be found reading off in the corner most of the time, but is more than happy to help anyone out as long as it's not something bad, you know? He really hates people who are assholes though. He always tries his best to live a civilian life where noone notices him, but is unable to really stop himself from helping people.

Free is quite powerful, with massive strength and regenerative powers, flipping tanks and and surviving having his head cut off. Twice. He will happily tell you they were the worst experiances of his life. He is capable of forming long, thick tentacles from his back, whioch are usually a few inches thick, and can lengthen up to twenty meters long, and can be tipped with anything from hand like claws, to heavy clubs, and razor sharp knives. His black hide is highly resistant to damage, absorbing bullets and turning away blades easily, and he can shrug off small rocket and missle fire and continue on.

Free's basic history is that he was a normal human teen, untill a mutation in his genome showed itself and his skin was covered in dark hide. His powers slowely developed as he ran away from his home to wander the country.


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Re: Characters of The Mastah nomed Nanashi.

Post  Juno on Tue May 18, 2010 3:03 pm


Feel free to join any current RPs or make your own. I'll try to have the super hero one posted soon.

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