Rules of the Site.

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Rules of the Site.

Post  Juno on Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:09 pm

1. And most important. Absolutely NO God-moding. All main characters must be equal in strength to one another (or close)
2. All threads must be marked with a rating from the specified system below.*
3. All characters must be approved by an administrator. (Admin's characters must be approved by me)
4. God-Mode exception is in effect. This means the author has the right to include up to 3 characters at a time in his RP which can level in powers far higher than the characters of other members, but the author MUST also have a character of equal level to the characters of other members. This is good for instances such as Videogame type "Boss" characters and Villans who the heroes must work together to defeat.


The RP Rating System:
PG - Suitable for anyone who wants to participate in or read an RP.

PG 13 - Can contain mild cursing (Such as the D-word and A-word). Also contains a decent ammount of violence and drug references are allowed.

MA - Contains possibly strong cursing (F-Word and S-Word). Extensive Violence is allowed as well as drug references and light sexual content.

AO - RPs centered around Sexual content. They are only allowed to be posted in the Adult section by members who have permission to do so.

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