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Post  Juno on Sat May 22, 2010 2:52 am

"It was a typical day in a typical town, where everything was just so.....typical, except for three kids who..." Frank was Interupted by Seth "Decided to ditch school but wound up bored all day in this 'typical' town" teased Seth
"We should have just gone to school" said May
"We could always go swimming in the lake" said Seth
"I didn't bring my swimsuit" said May
"That's the point" teased Seth with a smirk.
"Someone would catch us, then we'd be in trouble for being naked in public AND ditching school" said May
"You're no fun" pouted Seth crossing his arms.
"We could always check out that new power plant they're building" suggested Frank

With that the Trio skipped off deeper into the woods towards the power plant.

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