New Age Fantasy (PG-13)

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New Age Fantasy (PG-13)

Post  Juno on Sun May 23, 2010 10:43 pm

(More information in the character creation center*)

The sirens went off around the Museum, gaurds swarmmed everywhere. Thankfully Hikaru already had the artifact and was on his way through the alleyway.

"Damn, I almost thought you'd get caught" said one of the other Thieves
"Not me, I'm way smarter than any stupid knife ears" said Hikaru, "Lets hurry to the alleyway before anyone sees us"

"Halt, I demand you to stop and surrender!" shouted an armed figure behind them.
"You and what army? it seems you're only one gaurd, and you're just a kid" taunted Hikaru
"Kid.....and so are you, I wont hesitate to cut you down!" replied Sam Angrily

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