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Post  Juno on Sat May 29, 2010 8:16 pm

(I need a young female character for this RP)

The smell lingered in the air as always now, a mix of decay, mold, and rust. Rapture had fallen and this was all that was left, a society now forgotten, trying to scrap together a living under the sea in what was now a collapsing ruin. It was impossible to tell what day would be your last as things could go sour in mere moments.

"It looks like we have ourselves another one boys, she looks clean too" said one of the raiders, refering to a small framed female they had cornered in a small bar.

Raiders, they were the worst of the worst, in one last ditch effort to rebuild thier fallen society they began rounding up females as mating partners, but only females who were as they called "clean" free of mutations from overuse of splicing, their cult believed this would cleanse them from their former vanity and save them from destruction. But if a life of slavery seemed horrible enough it was nowhere near as bad as what happened to splicers. By now addiction to Adam had made most of them quite violent from withdrawl symptoms, anyone caught splicing would be thrown beyond 'the gate' which the raiders used as protection. There they would have to fend for themselves against countless Splicer attacks. The Raiders kept Rapture almost evenly devided, taking all the Adam rich sections for themselves, though every day new sections were being uncovered, places once thought lost beneath the sea or closed off permentantly. Survivors could either join the raiders or tempt their fate against the splicers.

The girl was cornered now, time to choose, slavery with the raiders or death by splicers. As the reality of the choices before her took their toll there came the sound of a faint and constant booming, a faint yellow light could be spotted in the distance, reflecting off several salty puddles below it. (As I said before, I need someone to be the girl)

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