The World As We See It. (PG-13)

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The World As We See It. (PG-13) Empty The World As We See It. (PG-13)

Post  MastahNanashi on Sun May 30, 2010 8:16 pm

The year is two thousand and ten. The economy isn't very good, there's a war going on, and people anymore are dicks. Just like the real world, right? Close, but no. See, around the year nineteen fifety, people began to pop up with mutations. These mutations would just randomly pop up out of nowhere during a person's teenage years, part of puberty, actually. About one hundredth of the population of the world was effected, that's one percent of the population, they'd find themselves changing in more than just getting body hair and new body parts. Some kids found themselves picking up cars, some regrowing body parts, flieing, running at the speed of sound, understanding things a different way and inventing things like death rays and shit. People were changing. Nowadays these peopel are regulated by their governments, sent to schools where they can learn to control their powers. One of these schools is called Whateley Achademy for the Gifted, a truely exceptional school in New Hampshire, where their philosophy is that you need to understand how to control yourself so you can survive, weither you chose to be a hero or a villain or just to live on your own terms is up to you. The way we're going to be starting this is that your character will be sending in a submission form with their name, age, sex, and powers and then an entry to the school. You're in luck, today is that start of a new school and you're going to get to sit in on the first assembly. Yes you are required to provide a form, so that your powers can be labelled. Let's get movin.


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