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Post  Juno on Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:22 pm

It's now modern times, long after world peace was restored by Avatar Aang and his friends, and the world has changed.

The Air tribe has now grown powerful and rules the Earth from cities floating in the sky as the Earth Nation. The Water and Earth Tribes live happy peaceful existances subserviant to the government of the Air Nation. Most bending has been long since forgotten and benders are rare and far scattered across the globe, most of them making up the powerful government as officials or military officers.

Most Fire Nation benders work the lower levels and maintain much of the technological advancements their nation founded. Occasionally a rebellion strikes out only to be quickly put down. Most of the people keep to themselves and trade between the Fire Nation is much rarer than the others nations who have a cooperate bond. In the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes there is much racism against people of the fire nation, and despite the government's claim at no tolerance, it often turns a blind eye to complaints by the fire nation seeing them as frivolous. Recently however, rumors have been spreading of a new Avatar, during such peaceful times many wonder why, but others fear a storm is brewing and a war is not far away. One way or the other, the search for the Avatar is on and many seek to claim the Avatar for whatever goal they may have in mind.

"Come on in, the water's fine, this is the last time we'll get to enjoy the beach before school!" shouted Ceta running into the water.
"You guys go on ahead, I think I found something cool" said June who had her eye on some old air nomad artifacts, they were always washing up on shore around here so it had been her hobby during the summer to collect them.
"Don't be a party pooper, _____ here is coming swimming, right? asked Ceta looking in their direction. (Fill in the blank with whoever wants to join this RP.)

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