Rise of the Dark Lord. (MA)

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Rise of the Dark Lord. (MA)

Post  Juno on Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:41 am

(This RP will be set up a lot like Harry Potter, being a school for wizards having similar school functions, classes, and rules. Though it does not take place in the Harry Potter Universe or have any other relation to it. I'm deffinetly going to need a 7th year female character for this RP though everyone is welcome, the more members and characters to join the better. You can also have characters in any other year of the school as well, doesn't all have to be 7th years.)

Finally, 7th year. The last year in Wizard School. After this they'd all be able to use magic freely without all the school's regulations. Juno Light was already expected to be the class Valedictorian, his grades were perfect and he was rumored to be a magical genius even as a baby, casting his first spell at the age of 2. Students Rushed to the train to be the first to grab the best seats, that way they wouldn't have to share with strangers.

That's when she saw him. He was a tall boy with an athletic build, he wore dark clothing and had pitch black spiked hair. His leather Jacket was torn on the sleeves which were held on by clothespins. He had a skull pin attached to his right breast pocket and a flame embroidered on each shoulder, a blue one on his right and a red one on his left. A few of the other girls couldn't help but stare and whisper as they got on the train. He looked new, not familiar to anyone who had attended the school for the last few years.

Now she was late for the train, she'd have to hurry before the train left.
"All aboard! last call for Terra Nova!" The Conductor called out. (Terra Nova is the school name)

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