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Imprisonment (MA) Empty Imprisonment (MA)

Post  -gunrunner- on Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:39 pm

"The routine is always the same... The sedatives wear off, the guards come and escort me out of here, and I spend the next five hours getting shoved around this facility." Max, the young soldier, thought as he ate his last meal of the day.

It was normal for him to think of an escape over every meal since the day he was put in this miserable hellhole.

"The best time to strike would be in the tomorrow morning during wake up call, when the meds wear off and the guards arrive... Speaking of which."

A guard signaled to him that his time was up and he was to be escorted back to his cell. Once inside, a nurse injected a syringe into the vein in his left arm. Max didn't even bother fighting back as he had done many times before, the beating the guards would give him wouldn't be worth it and he needed as much energy as possible.

As his thoughts faded, the last thing he told himself was, "It's almost over. This is the last day. My freedom is near!" The words playing over and over in his head.


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