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Post  Juno on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:58 pm

(I need some people to be the heroes. This RP is mostly about a bad guy turning good when a new villain threatens to destroy everything. Also note that the villains league is made up of mostly petty crimes and plots to take over the world which always fail, these are your usual cheesy villains, not murderers or terrorists. I'll need at least one female love interest for the main character who will be the typical kidnap victim always being saved by the Hero.)

"So, who get's Rick's territory now that he's in jail again?" asked Raven (Nightshade)
"I told you, we NEVER use real names in here, it's part of the supervillain code, also know that he'll be out shortly, he's always been good at prison breaks" said Hanzo (Merovingen).
"Use that thing on me and I'll tear out your eyes!" shouted Nightshade looking angrily at Avak and knocking the X-Ray gun out of his hands.
"That Reminds me, who ordered the Laser attachment kit for wild animals?" asked Merovigen "That'd be me, my moat needs upgrading" said Vee Zok
"But is it going to help us get rid of those meddlesome super heroes? I think we voted in our last meeting to focus most of our funding on that" said Merovingen.
"We could take hostages and force them to tell us their weakness" said Thok
"Like the last 100 times?" asked Nightshade
"Doomsday (Rick) was our only really good kidnapper so that's out of the question for now, until he's back out" said Merovingen.

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