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Prisoners of the pocket watch Empty Prisoners of the pocket watch

Post  kawaii kupcakes on Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:21 am

On a particular afternoon in a certain garden a boy awakens. He believes he still dreams for before him stands a white rabbit with a waist coat and a pocket watch, the rabbit begins to run. The boy ran after the rabbit, the rabbit was in the corner of the garden, nowhere left to run. The boy grinned but suddenly tripped over a bottle, suddenly the boy felt as though he were falling down a very larger hole, he glimpsed the bottle which was labelled "Curiosity killed the cat"
The boy smacked into the ground like a rag doll. He pulled himself to his knees to see the white rabbit before him again.
"Alice?" The rabbit asked, the boy gulped and nodded at the talking white rabbit. The white rabbit opened his pocket watch and held it in front of the boy named Alice's face. The watch's ticking and tocking slowed and stopped, then restarted as the hands began to spin anti clockwise. The boy saw a blinding light.
He opened his eyes again to find himself in a very large very empty room, destined to remain a prisoner of the pocket watch for the rest of time. He was the first of many Alice's, the rabbit knew only too well that fate declared that they would escape and change what one girl -who had long since been dead- called "Wonderland" for the better.

The rest of wonderland had been different since the original Alice died. The queen of hearts took her throne back, driven by insanity, twisted the world to her hearts desire. Nothing was right, the hatters tea party was ruined, in fact the hatter, the march hare, the door mouse and the Cheshire cat had all formed a rebellion, however it was them against the kingdom, and on the day that the queen returned they had never seemed so sane. The queen would talk to the king...She had him decapitated long ago, but in her mad clouded eyes he still sat next to her on his throne.
The card soldiers simply took orders mindlessly.
The curious caterpillar had not been seen in a long time. The fate of wonderland, for better or for the mad, crazy, insane, mental worst?

(Feel free to take any of the existing Alice in wonderland characters such as the queen, the hatter, etc. or make your OC either an Alice or some OC from outside the pocket watch...This is my first time making an rp so if it's not up to scratch I apologize greatly)
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