The Ultimate Cruise RP (PG-13)

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The Ultimate Cruise RP (PG-13)

Post  Juno on Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:31 pm

(Just a Note, I reccommend using ALL characters for this RP, it's supposed to be a big crossover of all characters on this site)

Ple was almost speechless when she found the ticket in her mailbox. She had actually been selected to go on a cruise and interview the President!

Meanwhile Mark was busy grumbling around the White House. "Are you sure this cruise is such a good idea?" asked Mark
"You're just jealous you can't go" said John
"Because I have a job to do, and so do you, all those people, they could kill you" said Mark
"I still have secret service all over the place and my own private deck, we have to show the people I'm not afraid to be one of them" said John.
"I still think this is a bad idea" said Mark

The Ginormica was apptly named as it was the biggest cruise ship ever built, a symbol to show that America had made it out of an economic crisis and back into a time of prosperity. And mostly thanks to the northern passage, a path created by melting ice from global warming opened new ship trade routes from Canada to Russia. As a measure to show his support for the Average American citizen, select people from middle to poor class families would win tickets for the maiden voyage before the ship was put to regular use and tickets would more than likely only be available to the super rich.

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