Digimon: Rise of the Shadow Emperor (PG-13)

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Digimon: Rise of the Shadow Emperor (PG-13) Empty Digimon: Rise of the Shadow Emperor (PG-13)

Post  Juno on Fri Dec 25, 2009 8:36 pm

(All humans need a digimon partner to enter the digital world and it must be approved before joining, you can post pairings in the character creation thread.)

"Just go...we'll be ok" Wargreymon shouted back towards a fleeing Gotsumon.
He knew that these digi-eggs reaching the new realm was their only hope. Perhaps the residents of that world could save them.
Gotsumon barely managed to avoid an attack that sped past Wargreymon. This caused him to drop one of the Digi-eggs, Gotsumon was about to reach for it but he was rushed on by MetalGarurumon.
"You have to hurry, there isn't time, the others are enough, we can't risk them for this one"
Gotsumon nodded and hopped into the Vortex near the crumbling wall. The Vortex vanished.

"Whatever it is you're planning, you will fail, those eggs will never return, and the prophecy will never come true" echoed a sinister and evil voice.
Suddenly two dark orbs shot from behind MetalGarurumon and Wargreymon, the back wall was breached as well and they were surrounded, the dark orbs hit them and everything went black.

In the human world Gotsumon looked around confused at his new location. "Welcome to Modesto" he read on the sign.
"Excuse me...umm..." Gotsumon wasn't sure what to call the creatures of this world, they looked at him with an odd expression.
"Hu-mon, I'm looking for a Computer, can you help me?" he asked a startled young couple.
"Um...they're everywhere, almost every place you look will have one, the library has some public use ones" said the man before the two ran off.
"So...the Li-berry" said Gotsumon looking around.

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Digimon: Rise of the Shadow Emperor (PG-13) Empty Re: Digimon: Rise of the Shadow Emperor (PG-13)

Post  saber34 on Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:48 am

Luna laid lazily about the park yawning the book she was reading was for class and boring she spotted a couple walking oddly fast for such a lazy day but she ignored it and went to the library for her shift was librarian in training shift for school credit."


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